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Guardian III Suppression System (G300-A)

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The Guardian Model G300A is ideal for homes, apartments, condominiums and retirement homes utilizing a residential kitchen range.

While Twenty First Century started with the model 1384-A, the Guardian III is a quantum leap in residential stovetop fire protection using advanced electronics and wireless technology.

In the event of a stove top fire the Guardian III's electronic sensors will send a signal to the control unit circuit board automatically opening the extinguisher valve which discharges extinguishing agent through the discharge assembly and nozzles to the stovetop. After activation, the system continues to discharge agent in excess of 90 seconds while simultaneously shutting off the electricity or gas to the range. This long controlled discharge prevents splattering of hot cooking grease and ensures that all fire is completely extinguished and re-ignition will not occur.

All Guardian Model G300-A systems have undergone extensive Underwriters Laboratory (U.L.) fire tests and carry both U.L. and U.L.C. listings.

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