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Portable Fire Extinguishers
Paint Spray Booth Systems
Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems
Clean Agent Suppression Systems
Restaurant Kitchen Systems
Emergency Light Repair
Hydrostatic Testing & Eeddy Current Testing
Fire Extinguisher Training
Inspection of Fire Extinguishers
Inspection of Systems
Residential Hood Systems
Carbon Dioxide Refills
Smoke Detectors
Other - not listed (please explain below)

Safety Training

We offer training for fire & safety professionals as well as OSHA-required training for businesses - click here.

Fire Extingushers

Amerex Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service D&M sells, services and inspects all brands and types fire extinguishers. View complete line here. Please contact us for a free consultation, quote request, or with questions regarding fire safety products and services.

Clean Agent Systems

Here at D&M we offer fully-customized Clean agent suppression systems - click here for more info.